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Here’s How to Get Home Financing Documents

Buying a home is a process that can be complicated, plus all the work of choosing a good broker, a good builder, appraising the property, etc. Those who want to buy a property on a financed basis still have to deal with all bank procedures, especially with regard to the required documentation.

To help you in this process, here is a list of all the documentation needed to fund it.

Check out the list of required documents for the financing of your property.

Basic documentation required for funding

Basic documentation required for funding

To apply for a mortgage you need several documents, the basic list involves:

    • Identity Document (RG);
    • Register of Individuals (CPF);
    • Proof of address. Water, electricity or credit card bill valid for up to three months;
    • Proof of Marital Status (Stable Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.);
  • Proof of original income.

How to prove the income at the time of financing?

How to prove the income at the time of financing?

There are different requirements for proof of income by type of work regime (salaried, self-employed, self-employed, etc.), check:

Wage earners

People who are salaried, that is, they work with a formal contract or have an effective employment or commission, must pay the paycheck (paycheck).


Self-employed professionals may submit documents such as service contracts, income tax declaration, category union statement, receipt of work performed or proof of income receipt (decorate), the decorate must be made by an accountant.

Informal worker or people without bank account

In such cases, the bank manager will advise which documents are required for proof of income. Some of these are the negative certificate of federal debts and union debt, as well as the negative certificate of the property to be financed.

It is important to highlight that the banking institution will perform a cadastral and financial analysis of the potential buyer. Thus, if your name is negated in any of the Credit Protection Services, your funding will most likely not be approved. We then suggest that you try to pay off any debt before attempting a loan.

Are there different documentary requirements based on banks?

Are there different documentary requirements based on banks?

Yes! There are differences according to the agencies, the type of financing. For example, in addition to the documents we have already listed, you must submit copies of the same documents as your spouse, as well as the following negative certificates:

    • Actions in Federal Justice;
    • Civil actions;
    • Interdiction, guardianship and curatella;
    • Actions of the State and Municipal Farms (Tax Executives);
    • Protest of titles;
    • Certificate of discharge of federal taxes and contributions (if merchant);
    • Certificate of active Union debt (if trader);
  • CND / INSS, for the purpose of Law No. 8,212 / 91 (if trader).

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