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According to the Indian Lotteries Act, each state is allowed to create its own online and offline lotteries. However, there is no online lottery based in India yet. The good news is that international lotteries are legal in virtually all states as there is no particular prohibition against them.

Lottery, as such, is not completely banned in India unless conducted in private. As required by the central government, each individual is free to create their own rules for offline and online lotteries. In light of this, thirteen states have legalized the lottery, while several have banned it.

Nevertheless, all legit lotteries of India are currently on paper and offline. However, since the national lottery law does not specifically include online lotteries run by foreigners, it is safe to say that they are legal and can be played anywhere. So, the short answer to the crucial question, “Is online lottery legal in India?” would be “Yes”. Naturally, this statement would not be entirely accurate in states that decide to establish legislation banning online lottery from all sources, including their own.

What is playing online lottery in India?

More online lotteries are available in India than ever before, and lottery tickets can be purchased there legally from any location. It can be difficult to tell which websites are trustworthy when so many options are available.

Indians are no strangers to lotteries; most of us grew up watching friends and relatives go to the next store to buy big state lottery tickets. But what exactly is an online lottery and how can players around the world now participate in online lotteries?

Any national or international lottery game where tickets can be purchased online is considered an online lottery. People all over the world can buy lottos for some well-known jackpots through the idea of ​​online lotteries.

Mobile lottery in India
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Is playing lottery online legal in india

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 made no mention of online lotteries, which are not banned in India.

Even though some states have made it particularly permitted to purchase lottery tickets online through a state-run service, most Indian state laws do not mention online lottery ticket purchases by name. Most states stipulate that only state-licensed sellers for companies headquartered in India can sell lottery tickets.

Paying international lotteries or buying lottery tickets online through them is not prohibited for Indians. In accordance with Indian tax and anti-money laundering regulations, Lottoland prizes will be subject to regular taxation. The lottery has long been a part of Indian society, with many people trying their luck at government-run state lotteries.

Moreover, these officially sanctioned lotteries are fully legal in 13 Indian states. But what about virtual lotteries? Indian legal system regulations are not very clear regarding online lotteries.

People wishing to play a lottery online may find it difficult to determine whether this is permitted due to the nature of national lottery laws. Nevertheless, we will attempt to clarify what we know about legit online lottery in India.

By using a lottery website headquartered outside India, Indians can safely and legally participate in any international lottery online. You can legally play the lottery online as these tickets are purchased outside India and the draw also takes place outside.

An online lottery will be considered legal if it is based outside India. Indians must participate in online lotteries through websites operated by foreign governments because under Indian law only state governments can operate a legitimate lottery.

So always select a trusted lottery site among the best lottery sites in India will lead to your chance of winning. Also, always read reviews and check the legitimacy of the lottery website before you start playing Indian online lotteries. Online lotteries are legal, but many shady websites and apps aim to scam players.

You can also find out about the authorities in charge of each lottery website. Try to limit your use of online lotteries to those that accept reliable payments. When you use a credit or debit card in your payments, concerned on managing your credit cards. Even if you end up paying on a dodgy website, you can dispute a charge using these wallets and apps, which also protect your banking information. Most importantly, research as much as you can and only use reputable sites to play the lottery online.

Online lottery

Importance of Playing Online Lottery in India

To be more specific, you should think about participating in the online lottery offered in India. Buying lotto tickets is not only a ton of fun, but it’s also a fantastic chance to do something that could completely transform your life. There is no denying that the odds are considerably against you. You must know how to play lottery in India, so let’s see how important is playing lottery online in India.

Games easy to reach

People can now easily access lottery draws as online lotteries are available in India. You can play lotteries online at multiple websites, eliminating the need to leave the comfort of your home.

You can possibly save some money by choosing not to go there at all. Saving money on travel time and expenses is possible.

Queuing is no longer necessary.

The lottery venue must be visited to participate in a traditional lottery. Players must line up to buy tickets and match the result. Such a conventional approach takes time and effort, especially if the lottery draw location is far from your home.

You can save time and effort by playing lotto online because you don’t have to travel to the lottery site. All you need to play the lottery is a reliable internet connection and access to the website.

Depending on the lottery game they are playing, online lotto participants can select their numbers. Compared to a conventional lottery draw, this process does not take much time.

Several different types of lottery games are available.

Due to the size of lottery games, players have many different alternatives. Online lottery services offer these variants of lottery games. Which games players want to play is up to them, especially if they want to increase their chances of winning.


Laws governing lotteries should be distinguished from those governing online lotteries, which can only be played on websites and mobile apps. However, none of the judgments made specific rulings regarding overseas-based online lotteries. Since the law does not specifically address online lotteries outside of India, you cannot be penalized for participating. It is not subject to Indian law there, nor are Indian players who use the website to bet on lottery results.


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