Barcode Proves Defective Winning NC Lottery Ticket

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STATESVILLE, NC (WNCN) – A long-haul trucker who bought a lottery ticket while driving through North Carolina thought he had won a lot of money and although the ticket looked like a winner, the barcode on it does not agree.

“I got happy and said ‘Hey, hey, hey…. Thank goodness…Hey, hey hey,'” James Kinard said.

Kinard said he looked like he bought a winning ticket.

It is a ticket that is part of the North Carolina Education Lottery’s family of “progressive fast play games”. These tickets are printed immediately with the possible winning numbers directly on them.

The Florida long-haul trucker had stopped in Statesville and decided to play the 50 times Multiplier Game.

“I didn’t look at my ticket right away,” he said. After a few days on the road, he pulled out his ticket to check.

Below the possible winning numbers for this ticket was a “3”. When he checked to see if any numbers matched, he saw another “3”.

“I see there was $500 under the ‘3’. That’s a 50 times multiplier, so by my calculations it’s $25,000,” he said.

However, when he tried to cash in the ticket, a bar code told the lottery clerk that it was not a winner.

“She looks at it and says ‘hmm, that’s supposed to be a winner, but it’s not a winner,'” Kinard said.

The Asheville Lottery Office copied the ticket and gave this copy to Kinard. He kept the original.

“They told me they had put the ticket back together and they couldn’t tell if there should be a number in front of the ‘3,’” he said.

Kinard says the place where he bought the ticket had trouble printing them and had to change the printing rollers.

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