British Columbia lottery winner to buy first home with scratch ticket


In another example of the lack of affordable housing in the Vancouver area, it took winning a lottery prize for a family to buy their first home.

The Pitt Meadows family plans to enter the real estate market after winning thousands of dollars on a scratch ticket.

Jordan Marcellus told the BC Lottery Corporation that he and his family dreamed of what they would do with a lottery prize.

Two days later, Marcellus discovered he had won $675,000. The prize came from a Set for Life card he had received as a birthday present.

The winner said he thought it was fake at first, but when he realized it was true, he knew exactly what he would do with the money. He and his wife will buy their first house.

“It means we have the ability to build our families and be extremely generous to others,” he said in a BCLC press release.

“It’s incredible.”

The approximate odds for any Set for Life prize are 1:3.75, according to BCLC, but the odds of winning the top prize like Marcellus did are much lower.

BCLC estimates that at 1:508,333.33.

Interestingly, players are statistically more likely to win the top prize than to win $100,000, $20,000, or even $1,000.

The most likely prize is another free ticket.


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