Chinese man lives under bridge for 10 years to crack lottery code


For 10 years, a Chinese has lived in solitude in the hope of finding the formula behind the winning numbers in the lottery.

The 49-year-old man, identified as Mr. Wang Chengzhou, took up residence under a road bridge in Chongqing where he spends his time researching the mathematical formula behind the winning lottery numbers, local media reported.

To make ends meet, Mr. Wang worked part-time at the post office or as a housekeeper, according to media reports.

The man had worked at a construction site in Xian, Shaanxi Province, but had fractured his thigh. After recovering from his injury, he told relatives he was going to work at another construction site in Yunnan province, but ended up in Chongqing in 2008, the South China Morning Post reported (SCMP).

His family apparently did not know his whereabouts until reporters contacted them.

Although his 76-year-old mother begged him to return home for the upcoming Chinese New Year, Mr. Wang rejected her, saying he would not return until he “made his mark in the city. lottery research, ”according to SCMP.

“I am proficient in lottery algorithms,” he said.

Mr. Wang, who spends around 2,000 yuan (S $ 400) on lottery tickets each month, said he plans to write four books on topics of mental arithmetic and lottery codes based on his research. .

Sichuan University math professor Zhou De told Chengdu Commercial Daily that it was “almost impossible” to predict winning lottery numbers in advance.

“Lottery numbers are randomly generated,” he said.

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