Drivers warned of the Highway Traffic Act rule that could see you fined


A motoring expert has warned that drivers could be hit with a fine for breaching a highway traffic rule.

Rule 264 of the Highway Traffic Act states that drivers “should always drive in the left lane when the road ahead is clear”. He adds: “If you pass a number of slow moving vehicles, you should return to the left lane as soon as you have passed safely.”

Direct Line’s motor insurance director said his traffic flow analysis shows millions of drivers risk prosecution by traveling in the middle and outer lanes when the inner lanes are fully clear – as Birmingham Live reports.

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Rob Miles added: “It is important that we raise more awareness of the rules and penalties, primarily because they exist to keep road users safe, but drivers also face serious fines and endorsements which will remain in their case for four years.

“Many motorists say they want to avoid changing lanes to overtake, but it’s a crucial skill and in-car technologies such as blind spot and following distance warnings can help drivers travel safely.”

It is the driver’s responsibility to keep abreast of changes in the highway code. Hanging in the middle lane can be considered reckless driving and could cost you three points on your license.

You could also be hit with a £100 fine.

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