Film based on Michigan couple, Jerry and Marge come of age


There’s a movie that’s about to be released on Paramount+ about a man who graduated from Western Michigan University who rose to fame for cracking the code to a Michigan state lottery game and was able to raise $26,000,000 over a decade. Jerry, who holds an associate’s degree from Kellogg Community College, a bachelor’s degree in math and business from Western Michigan University, and an MBA from WMU, used his math skills to crack the code of a game launched by the lottery in 2003 to win all that money with his wife:

Now, Jerry has sold the rights to his story to Paramount, and a star-studded cast is set to play the actions that led the couple to not only prepare for life, but their children and grandchildren as well:

Based on the remarkable true story of retiree Jerry Selbee (Cranston), who discovers a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts Lottery and, with the help of his wife, Marge (Bening), wins millions, using the money to revive their small town in Michigan. The film from Paramount Players and MRC Film’s Landline Pictures, Gil Netter and Levantine Films also stars Larry Wilmore (The laundery), Rainn Wilson (dark winds), Anna Camp (Perfect franchise), Ann Harada (Schmidadon!), Jake McDorman (Dope), Michael McKean (Grace and Frankie) and Uly Schlesinger (Generation).

The Selbees often traveled to Massachusetts to play the game, and not only them, but a group of MIT students also got a lot of this math practice. An investigation was launched after the state discovered that two stores were selling hundreds of thousands of tickets, but found that what all parties were doing was legal. This was around the time the state decided to shut down gambling anyway.

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