Fraudulent calls: the numbers scammers are most likely to call from


Scammers usually call people in an attempt to steal their bank details. Some of the most common scams include debt management, lotteries, and bank scams, among others, according to

reported on its website for this area code include Debt Management, Lottery and Boiler Scams.

In third place, with hits for this area code numbers totaling 162,340 in the past 12 months, is 0191.

This is the area code for Newcastle upon Tyne, as well as the surrounding towns of Durham and Sunderland. found Glasgow in fourth place, with 119,125 searches for its 0141 area code.

After reviewing his company’s findings, Alberto Edroso Jarne, CEO of, shared tips on how to try to avoid and reduce the number of spam calls Brits receive.

He said, “If you frequently receive phone calls from unsolicited numbers, try talking to your phone company and reporting the numbers.

“Most phone companies can provide free advice and service to help block unwanted calls or reduce annoying calls. “

A second tip is to register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), according to Jarne.

He said, “Once you register with TPS, they will add your number to a list of numbers that do not want to receive sales and marketing calls.

“It is illegal for sellers in the UK or overseas to call numbers registered with GST. “

Third, install a call blocker app.

Mr Jarne added, “Such apps are capable of intercepting and answering calls for you, so that they cannot go through and annoy you or expose you to a scam.

“Many of these apps also actively collect data on spammers, blocking them permanently once identified, so that you not only help yourself but others by using the app as well. “

Top 10 Target City Area Code Scammers


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