Hyd trader duped under pretense of KBC lottery


Hyderabad: A town-based trader has been duped out of around Rs 2 crore under the guise of a KBC lottery worth Rs 25 lakh. On his complaint, the Cybercrime Wing of Hyderabad City Police registered a case and opened an investigation.

According to police, the victim, a resident of Chandrayanagutta, received a call on his mobile in 2018 informing him that he had won the KBC lottery worth Rs 25 lakh. When the victim believed the information to be true and inquired about the process to claim the prize money, he was asked to pay a certain amount for taxes.

After transferring a certain amount to the account numbers given by the callers, he was informed that his prize money had doubled, due to his tax payment. He was then asked to pay an additional amount.

IIn the same way, the callers kept telling him that his prize money was increasing and collecting money from him.

After each payment he made, the appellants informed him of the increase in the prize money and gave him time for a few months to pay the tax for the same. In this manner, they collected Rs 2 crore from him informing him that he had won a cash prize for Rs 14 Crore.

When they kept demanding more money for taxes, he grew suspicious and approached the cybercrime wing on Thursday.


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