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MUNSTER — An Illinois man is the lucky winner of a $19.5 million lottery jackpot thanks to the $2 Hoosier Lotto ticket he bought in Munster.

The winner, identified only as Manuel M., went to the Hoosier Lottery headquarters in Indianapolis on Thursday to cash in the ticket he purchased for the Sept. 7 Hoosier Lotto draw that matched the six winning numbers .

Manuel told lottery officials he didn’t realize he had the winning ticket until two days after the draw.

Learn how to play the Hoosier Lotto game from the Hoosier lottery.

He said he returned on September 9 to where he bought the ticket, the Circle K Exxon station at 10 45th St. in Munster, just on the city’s border with Lansing, and employees who recognized him like a regular lottery player and knew the store was sold out. the winning ticket encourages him to check his numbers.

As soon as he got home, Manuel said he scanned his ticket using the Hoosier Lottery mobile app and learned he was a multi-millionaire.

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“When I realized I had won, I just couldn’t believe it. I started to sweat. When it started to pour out, I started calling my sisters. We got together tonight There were screaming and crying days to pull ourselves together before we started talking about it,” he said.

Manuel, a retired chemical operations worker, said he has been playing Hoosier Lottery draw games, including Hoosier Lotto, three or four times a week for about 20 years. The biggest prize he had ever won before was $5,000.

“I’m so excited and in disbelief,” he said.

Manuel hit the Hoosier Lotto jackpot on a single ticket he purchased for the draw. He had his numbers chosen by the “quick dial” function of the ticket machine.

The winning numbers of the draw were: 3, 5, 8, 18, 31 and 40.

Manuel told lottery officials he wasn’t entirely sure what he would do with his windfall.

“Before you win the lottery, you always think about what you would do if you won and who you would help. At this point, I haven’t covered the next steps. In time, I will give back and take a vacation though. deserved,” he said.

Sarah Taylor, Executive Director of Hoosier Lottery, said she is always happy to see a loyal Hoosier Lottery player win a top prize.

Tyler Brock, Mounted Shotgun/DNR Conservation Officer

“It’s so exciting to be able to award these big jackpot amounts. It’s nice to know that this winner has enjoyed playing our fun and entertaining games for many years,” Taylor said.

The odds of winning the Hoosier Lotto jackpot are 1 in 9,366,819. The overall odds of winning a Hoosier Lotto prize are 1 in 6.

Records show the Hoosier Lotto six-number draw game was voided without a winner in 88 consecutive bi-monthly draws before Manuel won the jackpot on the 89th try.

The lottery said the last top prize winner claimed $5 million on a ticket sold in Franklin, Indiana, for the October 30, 2021 draw.


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