LIVE Lottery Results – 08/04/22 Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Numbers Drawn Tonight Before Powerball Prize on 09/04/22


A whopping $94 million jackpot is up for grabs in Friday night’s Mega Millions draw, and Wednesday’s Powerball lotto had no winner for its own impressive prize.

Friday night’s Mega Millions jackpot has a cash prize of $59.7 million after no one won the top prize on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Powerball lottery has an estimated $268 million jackpot for its Saturday night draw after no one won on Wednesday.

The winning numbers for Wednesday night’s Powerball were: 6, 42, 45, 47, 64, and the red ball is 18with a 3x power play.

Powerball drawings take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET.

Mega Millions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday, also at 11 p.m. ET.

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  • A woman threw her winning ticket in the trash

    A Virginia woman panicked when she realized she had thrown her coffee-stained winning ticket in the trash.

    Mary Elliott began rummaging through the trash after determining she had a ticket worth $110,000.

    When she found the ticket, it was so smudged the barcode couldn’t be scanned, but officials still confirmed her victory, according to Virginia Lottery.

    “When I saw that I had won, I couldn’t help but tremble for my life!” Elliott told Virginia Lottery.

  • Can non-US citizens play Powerball?

    According to the Powerball website, the lottery is also open to non-US citizens.

    Residents of states where Powerball is not offered may purchase a ticket in any state where it is available.

  • Man wins $77,777 after buying wrong ticket

    A Missouri man has won a jackpot after absentmindedly selecting a scratch ticket in what he called “a fluke”.

    “I wasn’t careful when I selected the ticket,” the unidentified player told

    “The fact that this happened is pretty crazy,” he said. “It hasn’t sunk yet.”

  • Winning the lottery does not cure depression

    A study cited by The Cut found that while earning a few million dollars improves mood, happiness is usually short-lived.

    “Eventually, the thrill of winning the lottery will wear off on its own,” researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts found.

    “If all things are judged by the extent to which they deviate from a baseline of past experiences, even the most positive events will gradually cease to have an impact as they themselves become absorbed into the new baseline against which other events are judged”. the researchers shared.

  • Tips to avoid being scammed, part three

    Finally, beware that someone can use the name of the lottery without permission or knowledge of the lottery.

    • Never give out personal information or send money without verifying the legitimacy of the company or lawyer.
    • If someone offers to transfer “winnings” directly to your bank account, do not give them your bank details.
    • If you are told that you can “verify” a prize by calling a certain number, that number may be part of the scam. Instead of calling, research the name of the lottery or organization for yourself to find out their real contact details.
    • If you think someone on the phone is trying to scam you, hang up immediately. If you opt in, your name and contact information could end up on a list shared with other scammers.
  • Tips to avoid being scammed, part two

    The lottery went on to say that if you have caller ID, check the area code when someone calls to tell you you’ve won.

    If the call comes from a foreign country, it is a red flag, among others:

    • Some scammers use technology to hide their area code, so even if it looks like they’re calling from your state, they could be anywhere.
    • Be suspicious if an email contains spelling or grammatical errors, or if the person on the phone uses poor English.
    • If you’re told you need to keep your “winning” confidential, beware.
    • No real lottery tells winners to put in their own money to collect a prize they’ve already won. If you are asked to pay any type of fee to collect your winnings, you have not won.
  • Tips to avoid getting scammed

    The lottery provides a series of pointers that aim to help players avoid getting scammed.

    • If someone says you won a lottery you’ve never played, beware. You can’t win a legitimate lottery if you haven’t purchased a ticket.
    • If you are in a jurisdiction outside the market area of ​​the lottery or game listed as the source of the “prize”, then it is a scam.
    • Real lotteries do not hold “international” sweepstakes, contests or prizes for people who live outside their market area. Mega Millions, for example, is only played in the United States.
  • Beware of lottery scams

    If you are told that you can check the prize by calling a certain number, that number may be part of a lottery scam.

    Instead of calling it, you should research the name of the lottery or organization on your own to find out its real contact details.

    If you think someone on the phone is trying to scam you, hang up immediately because if you start a conversation with them, your name and contact details could end up on a list shared with other scammers.

  • Quit after winning the lottery

    A 2009 study of Swedish lottery winners cited by The Lotter found that 62% of lottery winners opted to stay in their usual job, while only 12% of winners left their careers.

    A 2016 National Opinion Research Center poll also found that 70% of winners would still work, even if they had won a huge prize.

  • Nine ways to win at Powerball

    There are nine ways to win a prize in Powerball.

    All prizes are fixed in cash, with the exception of the grand prize.

    In California, payout amounts are pari-mutuel (a betting system where all bets of a particular type are placed together in a pool) and determined by sales and the number of winners.

  • State without lotteries, part two

    Nevada and Mississippi both say introducing a state lottery could draw a competitor against their lucrative gambling industries.

    However, Mississippi residents were able to begin purchasing Mega Millions and Powerball tickets on January 30, 2020.

  • States without lotteries

    Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah do not have state lotteries.

    Alabama and Utah cite religious objections as the reason they don’t host the popular game.

  • Lucky man wins lottery twice in 24 hours

    A Maryland resident was still celebrating his first $400 win when he bought the next winning lottery ticket which won him a colossal $50,000.

    He plans to give the money to his children as a surprise and use it to pay some of his bills.

  • Indiana has more than 10% of Powerball winners

    With 39 winners, Indiana accounts for more than 10% of all Powerball jackpot winners, USA Today reports.

    Missouri is just second with 31 winners, followed by Minnesota at 22.

  • unlucky states

    Surprisingly, Maine, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming have yet to sell a winning lottery ticket for Powerball or Mega Millions games.

  • Florida has the biggest jackpot winners in history

    Melbourne Beach couple Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt have shared the biggest jackpot of any kind in US history, according to Play USA Lotteries, splitting the $1.58 billion prize with winners from California and Tennessee.

    A $16 million winning ticket that was sold in Tampa is one of five unclaimed Powerball tickets, USA Today reported.

  • The Strategy of a Mega Millions Winner

    A Michigan man won $2 million in November after matching five white balls and selecting the Megaplier in a Mega Millions draw.

    He said he played the game every week, always selecting the same set of numbers for years.

    The consistency paid off when he checked the winning numbers online.

    “I thought, ‘Wait a minute, these numbers are familiar,'” he told WDIV.

    “When I realized what I had won, I called my wife to come and see the ticket. We were both in shock, and it still didn’t make sense yet!

  • The winner used the same numbers for 16 years

    Lola Allen won $264,419 in the North Carolina Lottery with a $1 Cash 5 ticket.

    She told lotto officials she was “numb” with shock when she found out her numbers had been drawn.

    Lola, a retired teacher, said: “From the beginning, I’ve been using the same numbers.”

    “Those are my favorite numbers, so I stuck with them.”

    “When they all fell into place, I was in shock. I was numb.

  • Jackpot options

    Jackpot winners can choose to claim their lottery prize as an annuity or a lump sum payment.

    With the annuity option, winners are guaranteed to receive 30 progressive payments over 29 years.

    Annual payments increase by 5% each year until the 30th and final payment, with the 30 payments adding to the value of the annuity.

  • Mega Millions protocols take longer than drawing

    This is due to the security measures in place.

    The behind-the-scenes process of Mega Millions drawings takes about three hours.

    However, the actual drawing, which is televised, takes less than 60 seconds.

  • Mega Millions revenue

    According to CBS News, approximately 60% of Mega Millions sales are returned to players in the form of rewards.

    The balance is shared between retailers, marketing and operations, as well as the 46 jurisdictions that offer the game.

    Revenues from various lotteries are used in various ways.

  • Forgotten ticket wins $8.9 million

    A lucky Oregon man was stunned to find he had won an $8.9 million jackpot after checking a lottery ticket he had bought weeks before and had forgotten about.

    Wilbur Brown bought a Megabucks ticket before Christmas that covered 13 weeks of draws when he was at a lodge with friends.

    After the first draws, he forgot to keep checking his ticket.

    Weeks passed until he finally scanned his ticket and saw a message that read “Big Lottery Winner”.

    After finally remembering the ticket, Brown ended up collecting his jackpot on March 8.


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