Lottery: mobile prize claim system is a win for customers


BOSTON (SHNS) — Since becoming widely available in September, players have used the Massachusetts Lottery app’s mobile prize claim feature to collect more than $10 million in remote winnings and the tool appears make its way.

More than 8,000 prizes worth more than $10 million have been claimed through the lottery app, officials said Wednesday. And the 1,993 mobile prize claim transactions processed in the first 12 days of January exceeded the total for the whole of December (1,985 transactions), the Lottery said.

“This app clearly meets the needs of our customers by providing an important service that was not available to them before,” said Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, who chairs the Lottery Commission. “It’s time-saving and convenient, giving customers a safe alternative that doesn’t require being in a public place. At the same time, this application reduces their personal expenses and time, it also has positive impacts on the environment. »

Mobile cashing is only available for prizes between $601 and $5,000 – the type of prize that could previously only be claimed at the lottery’s headquarters in Dorchester or at one of the regional claim centers of the agency. Convenience stores that rely on foot traffic from lottery players continue to process claims for prizes of $600 or less, but eliminating thousands of trips to claim centers has saved winners from having to burn 16,000 gallons of gasoline, which saved about $55,000 in fuel and a 316,000-pound reduction in carbon emissions, the Lottery said.

The lottery began developing, piloting and rolling out a way for players to cash out prizes between $601 and $5,000 from their phones and have the winnings deposited directly into a bank account in late 2020 and has slowly expanded the features available until mobile checkout became a regular app feature in September.

“I hit $1,000 on a scratch ticket and thought I was going to have to drive an hour to Boston until someone told me I could cash it on the application,” Peabody lottery player Paul Dugan said in a Lottery press release. “I downloaded the application and my application was approved within minutes.”


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