Lottery winners share how they spend their winnings – and say they’re ‘more miserly’


A couple who won the Set For Life lottery have shared exactly how they spend their cash prize, including buying toilet paper in bulk.

Partners Laura Hoyle and Kirk Stevens were surprised and delighted after finding out last year they had scooped the National Lottery’s top gambling prize: £10,000 a month for the next three decades. A year after their big win, the Nottingham-based couple spoke to the shimmer about how their lives have changed with their big earnings and how they used their money.

The duo say they have reduced their mobile phone bills from £40 a month to £10 by purchasing their phones in advance, and will buy toilet paper in bulk and cut out takeaways . The £10,000 monthly has also allowed Laura to quit her job, which she says has given her more time to cook healthy meals at home.

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“Before, we ate a lot of conveniences and takeouts, when I was working 14 hours a day,” Laura said. “Now I refuse to do this. We need to stay alive longer.”

In terms of shopping, aspiring homeowners now tend to order clothes online before sending back those that don’t fit, Laura often sticking to her favorite brand Ted Baker.

Kirk added: “We cut everything. It’s weird. We tend to buy a lot in bulk. Why go to the supermarket and get 16 toilet rolls when you can go to Amazon and get 56 toilet rolls for the same price. Same with deodorant. Shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste. That’s a lot of what we do now. Next door neighbor thought we were hoarding toilet paper during Covid.

How would you spend your money if you earned £10,000 a month for 30 years? Let us know in the comments below.

Since winning Set For Life, the couple say they’ve discovered how much cheaper life can be now, which they described as “a bit upside down” due to “the more you have to ‘money available, the cheaper everything is’. .”

“We actually got more stingy,” Laura explained.

“I haven’t done anything higher end since winning. For me, I look at something, and if it’s a thousand pounds I think ‘no, I’m not buying that’.

Currently, Laura and Kirk are still residing in the one-bedroom house they lived in when they won the jackpot, but will soon be moving into a new five-bedroom flat in Nottingham. They also order from the same Chinese restaurants and pizzerias and waited until the Easter sales to buy two 85-inch televisions for their new home, saving them over £500.

However, their biggest purchase to date was when they bought a Porsche Cayenne, although they have since swapped it for a Fiat Spyder for the summer months.

Undated handout photo released by Camelot of Laura Hoyle and her partner Kirk Stevens who scooped a £10,000-a-month, 30-year prize in a Set for Life draw during the third national lockdown in March from last year. Date of issue: Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

Quitting her job was also one of the biggest steps Laura took due to their large guaranteed income, which she said was a ‘no-brainer’, and the couple have since invested their money in paranormal investigations. One weekend, Laura and Kirk travel to a spooky location with their six cameras in hopes of capturing paranormal action. The edited films are uploaded to Youtube as K&L Ghost Hunters.

In the 14 months since their victory, not a single person has approached Laura or Kirk asking for money. But that didn’t stop them from helping their loved ones.

“We’ve helped people,” Laura said. “We paid car payments for family members and replaced televisions that were broken. (We helped) a friend who was having a little trouble with her business. But no one asked us for money.” Kirk added: “We paid someone’s car tax. These little things can make people’s day if they’re not expecting it.”

But the couple, who hope to become homeowners, said much of their earnings went into savings and surprisingly stayed away from spending sprees. All Set for Life winnings – £10,000 excluding tax – are deposited into Laura’s account each month. The couple is determined to build a real estate portfolio, as these payments will become less and less valuable over time.

If the next 30 years follow the same pattern as the last 30, that money will be worth around £5,000 when they last pay out. They’ve never been close to spending £10,000 in a single month, but recently profited £300 in a single day.

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