Lotto Max $60 Million Jackpot Winner Revealed in Ontario


A woman from Hamilton, Ontario. is now a multi-millionaire after winning the $60 million Lotto Max jackpot.

Leah Murdoch-Gerics received the check on Thursday. She purchased the $5 Quick Pick ticket on for the April 19 draw.

The $60 million payout is the largest ever awarded to a Lotto Max jackpot winner who purchased their ticket online.

Murdoch-Gerics said she played the lottery casually in the past year before the big win.

“One ticket is enough. Five dollars,” Leah Murdoch-Gerics told a roomful of reporters as she was presented with the novelty check.

The 58-year-old Hamilton resident said she saw an email from OLG after the April 19 draw that said she had won a prize.

However, she didn’t open the email until later.

“When I see emails from OLG in my inbox, they normally say I won a Free Play ticket, but this specific email looked different,” she said.

When she opened the email to check the prize amount, she said she was “suddenly calm.”

“I didn’t know what to do next. I couldn’t really understand what was happening to me.

After showing the email to her husband, he initially thought she had won $60,000.

After urging him to take a closer look, the reality of victory set in.

“It was clear at that moment what he saw! We were both in shock and just looked at each other stunned in disbelief,” she said.

The self-proclaimed housewife said the windfall was overwhelming for her and her family.

“My husband is retired…but not for long,” Murdoch-Gerics joked. “He has a new job now: working for me.”

She said one of the best moments after the win was the look on her children’s faces after breaking the news.

“It was seeing the shock on their faces when they realized they could enjoy all the excitement without the responsibilities,” she laughed.

Murdoch-Gerics said she understands she needs to “use the money wisely” in the long term, but plans to treat her family to a vacation in the near future.

“I don’t see any major changes in the immediate future because who knows where we’ll be in a year from now,” she said. “It’s just an emotional journey that starts with disbelief and turns into excitement. I feel so humbled and honored to be here right now.


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