Maryland Betting Commission Hears Comments on Regulations


Maryland’s Sports Betting Application Review Commission held a public consultation meeting on Friday, allowing Marylanders to share their opinions on proposed sports betting regulations. The period only lasted about 30 minutes, and the few comments shared were brief.

Friday does not represent the last day for public comment, however, as written comments will be accepted until September 26. After that, the suggested changes will be reviewed and possibly included in state sports betting regulations.

Reduce fees for small businesses?

One commenter, who shared his name Arthur Robinson but did not provide any additional details about his connection to the sports betting industry, suggested that SWARC reduce application fees for certain small businesses. Robinson seemed alarmed by the $500,000 application fee for mobile licenses, believing it was a barrier to entry.

Robinson also wanted SWARC to make application fees refundable. Currently, if an organization formally applies for a license and is not approved, the application fee is non-refundable.

These comments were among the most substantial offered, although it is unclear whether SWARC will seriously consider any of the suggested changes.

Mobile timeline

Mobile sports betting is expected to launch in Maryland in late 2022, according to the estimated timeline shared by SWARC and the Maryland Lottery earlier in the week. Applications for mobile sports betting are open and will remain open until 5 p.m. on October 21.

After the October 21 deadline, SWARC will begin reviewing applications and awarding licenses. This process could take up to 45 days, but could be faster, creating the possibility that mobile sports betting will launch in Maryland soon after the October 21 deadline.

Part of the timeline will depend on how quickly SWARC and the lottery get approved, but major operators like BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel and DraftKings shouldn’t have much trouble getting through the regulatory stages, given their expertise and their national presence.

As for the application window which closes on October 21, this is currently the only window available to apply for mobile sports betting licenses. It is possible that SWARC will open another application period in the future.

“The establishment of any additional application window is at the discretion of SWARC and would require the approval of a majority of SWARC members,” SWARC said. website says.


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