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Kanhangad: “A man came and asked me to check if his ticket had won any prize, when I checked with the winning table, the ticket had won Rs 500. He bought me four more tickets and claimed the remaining Rs 360. I then took the ticket to the ticket wholesalers and then to the counter. The counter informed me that the ticket was fake,” says Periya Saamy.

Kanhangad lottery vendor Periya Saamy suffered a loss of Rs 500 as a result. Sellers like Periya Saamy receive a commission of less than Rs 500 even after selling tickets all day. Many lottery sellers have been tricked like this many times. Color photocopies of lottery tickets that have won prizes between Rs 500 and Rs 5000 are used for cheating. The color photostats of these tickets look identical and cannot be easily grasped.

Lottery tickets have a barcode and a QR code. Wholesalers check this barcode. The cash prize will appear when the color photostat ticket barcode is scanned. With this, the wholesaler will have no doubts. The QR code will be scanned at the lottery office. It is only then that one realizes that the banknote is fake.

Some sellers receive three or four counterfeit bills. There are even cases where tellers are unable to notice the fraud. Prizes will be awarded. Those who come back later with the original will then not receive a prize. A message will be issued by the office indicating that the prize has already been claimed. There will be a seal of any lottery booth on the back of the counterfeit ticket.

Ticket number AK 543 recently had the most complaints in the state. The last four digits of this number, 1969, has a prize of Rs 500. Copies of this ticket have reached over 25 lottery booths in Kanhangad alone. The lottery seals were from Payyanur, Thalassery, Taliparamba and Kannur.


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