National lottery winners are running out of time to claim massive prizes


Posted on: September 22, 2022, 11:51 a.m.

Last update on: September 22, 2022, 12:20 p.m.

A few UK lottery players may be sitting on winning tickets without even realizing it. Two players recently scooped six-figure prizes, but neither showed up to collect them, and time is running out.

EuroMillions lottery
A lottery player fills out a EuroMillions lottery ticket. Two lucky winners still haven’t come forward to claim their prizes and time is running out. (Image: Getty Images)

It is not entirely uncommon for some players to wait a long time before claiming their lottery winnings. It took two US Mega Millions winners two months to show up on their $1.33 billion win.

However, waiting too long can have disastrous consequences as winners must claim their prizes within a certain time limit. If they don’t, they miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Manchester player just days away from losing

Someone in Manchester’s Trafford borough won £1m ($1.2m) in a EuroMillions draw on April 1. The winner is running out of time to claim the prize, with Wednesday September 28 marking the last day.

The Millionaire Maker option of the coin toss led to victory. The corresponding code was TVCV 85411, but the winner may not realize it.

If he or she does not show up, the National Lottery may keep all the money. He can then use the money to fund various community programs, which is one of the reasons the lottery exists.

Camelot still runs the show behind the National Lottery, although it won’t be doing so for very long. Allwyn will take over in February 2024, but the transition is unlikely to be smooth.

When this is done, the new lottery operator has promised that it will allocate more money to worthwhile causes. In an update a few days ago, he said he would be able to “double” the amount. At the same time, it promises to increase responsible gaming initiatives through innovation and technology.

30 and count

A lottery winner in Belfast has more time, but his countdown also continues. There is a ticket worth £1million for the April 26 EuroMillions draw that has yet to be presented.

In this draw, a Millionaire Maker hit, but the winner is apparently in no rush to claim the prize. The code was XFGV 45262, so anyone clinging to old tickets should check to see if they have a match.

With each EuroMillions draw, the ticket comes with a unique Millionaire Maker code. In some cases, it is conceivable that a player only checks the main numbers without checking the Millionaire Maker code. If the draw numbers were a bust, maybe the ticket ended up in the trash.

National Lottery draw winners have 180 days to present their tickets. In this case, the deadline is October 23. Since the National Lottery draw information is online and on the platform app, as well as in retail stores everywhere, it would only take a few seconds for someone to find out if they are a instant. millionaire.


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