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The National Lottery Authority will take aggressive action this year in conjunction with the National Security Agency to intensify efforts to sanitize the lottery industry to enable the Authority to fulfill its mandate.

Dr. George Eric Gyamfi-Osew, Chief Operating Officer of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), who said so in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, during the launch of the “Wulucky” lotto, explained that the Authority had two mandates.

The mandates were to generate revenue for societal and national development by helping to build infrastructure like schools and hospitals and the second was to generate funds for the poor and deprived in society.

“So that means we need to maximize revenue generation. But we see that the illegal lottery still exists in Ghana so we need to step up our efforts to clean up the industry,” he said.

Dr Gyamfi-Osew said the NLA would create a licensing scheme where people in the private sector wishing to join the lottery industry could register for a license to operate real businesses and pay a fee to help mobilize revenues.

“It’s been good so far, but some aren’t cooperating, we’ve made arrests with the National Security Agency, and we’re going to step it up. We’re serious, so it’s either you get clean , whether you sign up and get fired or walk out,” he added.

The NLA director said that by the end of 2022 the sector would have to be sanitized to ensure progress, adding that those without a license would be dealt with legally.

Speaking on Wulucky, Dr Gyamfi-Osew said the NLA needed huge sums of money to carry out its projects, hence took steps last year to clean up the system.

He therefore commended Wlucky for taking the right path to enter the lottery market and helping to support needy Ghanaians in various ways.

Nana Kofi Adjei, the director of Wlucky Lotto, said the initiative meant well and not to extort and operate illegally as others had done in the past.

“As a genuine business, we are here to help each other to generate funds and create opportunities for others to benefit from our games and also to support national growth. There are many people interested in games, but for various reasons such as just for fun, others for urgent and pressing issues, among others. For all these reasons, we are here to help everyone achieve a goal,” he said. .

He praised the NLA for putting in place strict measures to prevent criminals from entering the lottery industry.

Mr. Kaye Kweku Yeboah, Chairman of the occasion, said the growing popularity of the lottery game, growing patronage, human error in writing numbers, selecting winners and paying out winnings, have motivated Wlucky to start developing a local game. mobile lotto game solutions to meet the needs of the digital age and compete globally.

“Whether we like it or not, we are immersed in a world that evolves with technology and we must embrace and take advantage of it to develop innovative products for the lotto industry and help create job opportunities.

“For us to grow and evolve as a successful business, we must constantly reimagine the future and create e-startup opportunities,” he added.

Wlucky is a mobile lotto game, licensed on December 18, 2022, which allows players to play with as little as GHS 1.00 to win up to GHS 1,200,000.


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