OH expects 3,000 sports betting licenses, launch close to January 1


CINCINNATI — The Ohio Casino Control Board has put an end to speculation about an early start to sports betting in Ohio by announcing that the launch will take place “near January 1, 2023,” the deadline imposed by lawmakers. in December.

Two state senators told the media this week that Ohio may launch in October to take advantage of betting demand caused by NFL football and the World Series of baseball. But executive director Matt Schuler told the commission Wednesday morning that too much work needed to be done to bring the launch date forward.

“For anyone interested, they should really expect it to be very close to – if not – January 1st,” spokeswoman Jessica Franks said. “We expect around 3,000 (license applications) could arrive. We’re going to have to do all of these investigations to issue these licenses and then make sure they comply with all the rules and regulations. We will need all this time until January.

Ohio has not yet finalized applications for the nine different types of licenses it will offer, but it has established three licensing windows during which applications can be submitted.

For 30 days beginning June 15, Ohio will accept applications for:

  • Up to 25 online sportsbooks (Type A licenses)
  • Up to 40 retail sports books, including 11 professional sports venues, four casinos and 11 racinos. (B-type licenses)
  • Type C licenses for sports kiosk owners, who will operate betting terminals in bars and restaurants through the Ohio Lottery Commission.
  • First Designated Mobile Management Service Providers, who will partner with Type A and -B licensees to place sports bets.
  • Suppliers of equipment used for sports betting.

The second application window begins July 15 for:

  • Second Nominated MMSPs or Service Providers who wish to establish a second partnership to take sports bets through a Type A online owner.
  • Type C Sports Gaming Hosts, which are restaurants and bars that already do business with the Ohio Lottery and want to add up to two sports betting kiosks to their establishments.

A third licensing window for sports betting employees will begin 60 days before the “universal start date” for sports betting in Ohio.

This date will be announced on June 1st.

In addition to employee licenses, sportsbooks must submit responsible gaming plans, house rules and equipment testing to Ohio regulators 60 days before launch. And they will have to have equipment “ready for Commission verification” 30 days before launch.

“Companies themselves need that certainty of when it’s going to start because they need to prepare their facilities,” Franks said. “They need to hire staff. They have to train them. They have to get them licensed if needed. So for them to have that universal start date where they know they have that time, that’s going to be important to them as well.

The Ohio Lottery Commission said Monday it notified more than 2,000 bars and restaurants on May 4 that they may be eligible for a sports gaming host license. As of May 16, at least 550 of these companies have already submitted sports gaming interest forms that will allow regulators to begin checking their qualifications.

“At the end of this month, we will begin posting pre-qualified host retailers on our website,” said Jon Dillinger, Ohio Lottery Assistant Manager. “The goal will be for potential owners to access and really start putting this information together to give them an idea of ​​how many pre-qualified hosts we have, where those are located across the state and also start conversations initials about partnership together. ”

Companies that are not on the list or have not been invited to submit forms of interest can solicit an application by filling out a form on the lottery’s website. The lottery will make recommendations on whether to grant Type C licenses, but the Casino Control Board will have the final say.


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