‘One Hundred Million’ Gang Arrested Over Massive Lottery Ticket Fraud


Ratthakorn Siwatthanasirisakul, 30, one of three suspects in lottery investment fraud, poses for a photo with stacks of lottery tickets, before his arrest. (Photo provided/ Wassayos Ngamkham)

Three people accused of enticing others to invest in a fake lottery ticket scheme, with losses of over 120 million baht, have been arrested in Muang district of Khon Kaen.

The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) said the three suspects, a man and two women, were members of the self-proclaimed group Wai Roon King Lan (youth with a hundred million) gang. They were taken into custody on Thursday at a housing estate in Tambon Ban Ped, Muang district.

Ratthakorn Siwatthanasirisakul, 30, and the two women, Rapheephan Klinsomphas, 25, and Ratchadaporn Thuenglarp, ​​32, were named in arrest warrants issued by the Criminal Court on November 1 for alleged collusion in public fraud, money laundering and related offences.

CSD Branch 3 Chief Pol Col Wiwat Jitsophakul said the suspects claimed to have close ties to senior military officers and to be government lottery ticket agents in Loei and the provinces. neighbors to the northeast.

They allegedly incentivized people to invest in a lottery ticket quota system with promised returns of 1-5 baht per ticket per lottery draw. Initially, investors received payments as promised. They then invested more money in the program. (continued below)

Three lottery ticket investment fraud suspects – Ratthakorn Siwatthanasirisakul, 30, Rapheephan Klinsomphas, 25, and Ratchadaporn Thuenglarp, ​​32 – shown with valuables and other items seized from them. (Photo provided/ Wassayos Ngamkham)

In February, some investors in need of funds for their own businesses asked to withdraw their money, but the suspects kept pushing them back, he said. Investors later learned that the suspects were not government lottery ticket agents and did not have lottery quotas as claimed. They then filed a complaint with the police and the court approved arrest warrants for the suspects.

Pol Col Wiwat said investigators learned the gang worked systematically, dividing up tasks among its members – persuading people to invest in the scheme, building trust, moving money between bank accounts.

Police followed the gang’s money trail and found more than 1.9 billion baht in circulation, said Pol Col Wiwat, who led CSD police to arrest the three suspects.

Arresting officers seized more than 10 million baht in assets – bank accounts, mobile phones, land and vehicles – believed to have been acquired through investment fraud.

Initially, there were two casualties with losses totaling 126.8 million baht, the head of CSD Branch 3 said. There were more victims. The investigation was continuing.

During interrogation, the three suspects denied all charges. They were turned over to CSD investigators for legal action.

A policewoman shows an arrest warrant to one of the three suspects (Supplied Photo/ Wassayos Ngamkham)


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