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PUNE: A 34-year-old man fell hook, line and sinker for a Rs 25 lakh lottery scam and ended up losing nearly twice as much money to scammers.
In his desperation to win the lottery, about which he received a text message, the man broke his late father’s term deposits, borrowed money from relatives and made 30 bank transfers totaling Rs46.35 lakh around 15 accounts between May and August before realizing it had been taken for a very expensive ride.

Bibvewadi police said the victim, a resident of Indiranagar, worked as a deewanji (traditional accountant) at a prominent greengrocer in Market Yard. He filed a complaint with the cyber police and an FIR was registered on Wednesday.
Senior Inspector Sunil Zavare said the complainant received a text message on May 22 claiming his cell phone number had been selected for a Rs22 lakh lottery. The man contacted the phone numbers mentioned in the text message. “The suspect (s) asked him to pay different ‘taxes and fees’ to get the lottery. He ended up paying Rs46.35 lakh between May and August, ”Zavare said.
The complainant told TOI on Thursday: “I continued to make money transfers in the hope that the caller (s) would keep their promise. I wanted the money because I thought it would make my life easier.
Zavare said: “The complainant’s father, a retired police officer, passed away a few years ago. He kept term deposits, all of which the plaintiff broke. He also borrowed money from friends and family.

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