The £ 1million EuroMillions prize is still unclaimed and the UK winner only has SIX DAYS to lose it forever


A LOTTERY-winning Briton has less than a week to claim his massive prize – or let £ 1million slip through his fingers for good.

The lucky ticket holder paid for his winning ticket this summer.


Londoner who won £ 1million in June has less than a week to claim his prize

But they still haven’t come forward to demand the money.

And next Sunday, November 28, they will miss their chance forever, as the money that will change their lives will be donated to national lottery projects in the UK.

Camelot bosses are now urging anyone who bought a ticket in Greenwich, London for the June 1 draw, to look under the sofas and in their pockets.

The winner made a fortune by being part of EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker.

The winning code is ZMFD00211.


And it’s not the only unclaimed jackpot waiting for its rightful owner.

No one has yet come forward after a £ 4.1million win earlier this month.

The ticket holder won a jackpot of £ 4,101,869 by matching the six main numbers.

The National Lottery’s Camelot’s Andy Carter said the Lotto prize will change the life of the winner.

“We ask Lotto players to verify their tickets as it could be life changing for the lucky ticket holder,” he said.


“We hope they will now come forward and claim their incredible prize.”

There is still hope that the unwitting London millionaire can come forward, despite the tight deadline.

In 2019, a Manchester player claimed his £ 1million prize just hours before the deadline.

Others, however, weren’t so lucky.

In June 2012, a EuroMillions prize worth an incredible £ 63.8 million was unclaimed.

Any money that is not claimed after a total of 180 days from a game played in the UK goes to national lottery projects across the country.

Once the claim period is over, the ticket officially expires and the owner of the lottery ticket will no longer be able to claim any of their winnings.

Unclaimed prizes, plus any interest they may have accrued during this period, are awarded to the National Lottery. Good causes funds instead.

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