TUI forced to hijack two planes after issuing ’emergency code’


Two TUI flights sent emergency alerts this morning as they were diverted over UK airspace. The diversions were picked up by live flight tracker Flightrader24 and both planes were diverted to Birmingham.

The flight tracking site detected two hijackings which began after pilots indicated a ‘general emergency’, reports Yorkshire Live. It is not yet clear why the planes diverted, or what the emergency was and TUI has been contacted for further information.

TUI flight BY245 was returning to Bristol, from Espargos, Sal, Cape Verde, when it was diverted to Birmingham. The pilot had transmitted an emergency code 7700 while flying northwest of Gloucester.

TUI Airways flight BY255, also from Espargos and bound for East Midlands Airport, was also diverted to Birmingham after transmitting the same emergency code.

British travelers faced more delays today following a strike by Italian aviation workers which is causing more hardship for British travellers. Dozens of flights between the UK and Italy were canceled on Wednesday, with easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways among the airlines affected.

EasyJet has cut 20 Gatwick flights, including departures to Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice. Some 14 flights between London airports and Milan have been canceled by British Airways, while Ryanair has cut a handful of flights between Italy and Stansted.

Pilots and flight attendants who are members of two Italian unions are on strike from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. over various issues, including wages, sick pay, holidays and refreshments.

One of the unions, the Italian Union of Transport Workers (UILT), warned that if an agreement is not reached, “it will only be the first in a series of protest actions”.

EasyJet and British Airways continued to cancel flights to and from destinations other than Italy due to staff shortages. In recent months, many passengers whose flights have taken place have reported being stuck in airport queues for several hours.


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